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We have many families that need help so we are asking parents who want their kids to play to pay in full or request 1/2 scholarships.  We have had many families needing assistance this year and only so many scholarships available.   However, if you absolutely cannot pay anything due to your family circumstances, we will consider full scholarship.

Diamond Council offers Scholarship to families that need assistance for their kids to play.  We ask parents to consider making a payment of some amount that they can afford to pay if at all possible.    If you feel you can make 1/2 or another amount, please consider doing that.  However, we do not want to discourage you from having your kids participate and if you need a full scholarship, you may request one.

To apply for a scholarship, First you to register your player(s) on-line through REGISTRATION.  You can register on-line from our website

Go to Registration, At the end of the registration on the payment page, select “Pay By Check” and “Finalize”.   After you complete the Registration/Signup, we need you to complete our On-Line Scholarship Survey.  Scholarship Survey


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