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August 2, 2015

2015 Registration

Fall Ball Registration is Now Open (Click Here to sign up on-line Now)

Mail In Registration Form FALL 2015

Divisions may be combined if needed.  (Example 4 & 5 yr olds)

Recreational Leagues (Coed)
4 Yr old PreK Tball – Preschool (Coed)  (4 yrs by December 1)
5 Yr old PreK and Kindergarten Tball/coach pitch (Coed) (5 yrs by Aug 1)

Fall Leagues Cost
4-8 yr Olds – 10 Scheduled Games; 8 Games Guaranteed – $75
9 & Older – 10 Games Scheduled; 8 Games Guaranteed – $90
$20 Late fee after July 31st.

Recreational Leagues (Boys)
1st/2nd Grade Boys – Coach Pitch
3rd/4th Grade Boys – Kid Pitch
5th/6th Grade Boys
7th/8th Grade Boys

Recreational Leagues (Girls)
1st/2nd Grade Girls – Coach Pitch
3rd/4th Grade Girls – Kid Pitch (6 pitches) / Coach Pitch 2
5th/6th Grade Girls
7th/8th Grade Girls

2015 COMPETITIVE – FALL BALL USSSA LEAGUES (Baseball and Softball) USSSA Leagues

Whole Team (Competitive) On-Line Registration – Baseball and Softball – Click Here

Competitive Players – After your coach has registered your team, all players must register on-line Fall Ball Registration (Click Here) and select their team.

We do not offer mail in registration forms, all teams must register through our on-line registration link above.  Payments must be made via credit/debit card.

These teams play in a separate league from the neighborhood formed teams (Recreational). These are teams with more skilled players and register differently from the recreational players. Coaches recruit their own players enter this league as a whole team. If you are interested in forming a team for one of these leagues and may need additional players contact us at 573-499-9741 or email us. If you know of a player looking for a team, have them contact us to be put on the player contact list.



Spring 2015 Leagues (4 yr olds – 18 yr olds)

4 yr Olds – 7-8 Scheduled games; 6 Games Guaranteed – $60
5-8 yr Olds – 10 Scheduled Games; 8 Games Guaranteed – $75
9 & Older – 12-13 Games Scheduled; 10 Games Guaranteed – $110

$10 Late fee after February 28th.

All Recreational players receive a team jersey and hat.   To Sign up, click the link below and follow the instructions.  You will be able to pay via debit/credit card.

Anyone interested to sponsor a team please call us at the office or check the box during registration.

Before you register, please review our Refund Policy.

We offer a Spring and Summer season for our younger divisions, 5-8 yr olds.  Spring season games will be May and early June, and Summer season games will be in June and July.  Both seasons will offer a 10 game schedule, and player may sign up for either on or both seasons.

Recreational Leagues (Coed)
4 Yrs Tball – Preschool (Coed) (must be 4 yrs by 8/1/15)
5 Yrs Tball – Preschool (Coed) (must be 5 yrs by 8/1/15)

Recreational Leagues (Boys) 
6 yrs – Coach Pitch/tball – Kindergarten
7 yrs – Coach Pitch – 1st grade
8 yrs – Coach Pitch – 2nd grade
9 / 10 yrs  – Kid Pitch – 3/4 grades
11 / 12 yrs  – Kid Pitch – 5/6 grades
13 / 14 yrs – Kid Pitch – 7/8 grades
15 -18 yrs – Kid Pitch – High School

Recreational Leagues (Girls)
6 yrs – Coach Pitch / tball – Kindergarten
7 / 8 yrs – Coach Pitch – 1/2 grades
9 / 10 yrs  – Kid Pitch – 3/4 grades
11 / 12 yrs  – Kid Pitch – 5/6 grades
13 / 14 yrs – Kid Pitch – 7/8
15 -18 yrs – Kid Pitch – High School

League Coordinators select coaches and form teams – March 1 – 7, 2015
Coaches clinic will be the week of March 30th.

Practices begin – Week of April 6th – Coaches set practices
Most teams will have 1-2 games per week.

Diamond Council offers scholarships to those families that need help.   Click this link to see more information about scholarships.  Scholarships

ALL REFUNDS REQUESTS ARE SUBJECT TO A $20 FEE.  $25.00 Charge for all return checks.

Competitive Teams.

Managers – Register your team On-Line Now!

If you cannot register via our on-line Registration, you may Print our and Mail in your registration found under Links and Forms.

Competitive Player’s:   Please go through our Registration process, on the Player page, select “Competitive Baseball”  OR  “Competitive Softball”.  Then on the TEAM SELECTION page, pick your team.

Competitive player – REGISTER HERE – ON-LINE NOW  and pick your team.