Directors and Meetings

DC is run by a volunteer board of directors, the Executive Committee, and the Executive Director.

Upcoming Meetings – Open to the public – Call the office for the date of our next meeting.

         Due to Covid we do not have a new meeting date scheduled.

Diamond Council Executive Committee

Nile Kemble President 573-356-0043
Brandon May Vice President Softball 573-489-0493
James Schremmer Vice President Baseball 573-289-2379
Ron McMillan  Secretary  573-819-5915
Debbie Glover, Treasurer 573-449-3146
Paul Blythe Executive Director  573-499-9741
Ron McMillan (2010) Past-President (2013-2017)  573-819-5915

Board Members

Lisa Dolliver  573-819-5375
Jessica Kirkpatrick  573-489-1115
Alan Bunch 573-268-7765
Gary Ennis 573-489-1118
Jamie Diggs  573-228-2008

Amber Walter 573-673-4376

Steve Hirt  573-424-4908

Members At Large

2019 League Coordinators

4U Tball (coed) – Amber Walters  573-673-4376
5U Tball (coed) – Amber Walters 573-673-4376
6U Tball (coed) – Jessica Kirkpatrick  573-489-1115
7/8U Boys – James Schremmer 573-289-2379
9/10U Boys –  TBD
11/12U Boys – Paul Blythe 573-864-9121
13/14U Boys – Paul Blythe 573-864-9121
15-18U Boys –  Paul Blythe 573-864-9121

7/8U Girls –  TBD
9/10U Girls –  Jessica Kirkpatrick  573-489-1115
11/12U Girls – TBD
13/14U Girls – Paul Blythe 573-864-9121
15-18U Girls –Paul Blythe 573-864-9121

Associate Members

Want to volunteer to help us?  Please contact us to find out what ways you can get involved in your child’s programs!

For a list of past Diamond Council Members please click here.