2021 Competitive Info below.  Online Registration will be active Nov. 16. 

Whole Team (Competitive) On-Line Registration – Click here to Register

Competitive Players – After your coach has registered your team, all players must register on-line and select their team.  That link will be available Nov. 16

2021 Competitive Intent to Participate

Sign up and pay your $100 deposit prior to Jan 1 and receive a $100 Discount

To pay your deposit to hold your spot and take advantage of early sign up discounts. Send in the above 2021 Competitive intent to Participate with a $100 deposit.  The remainder of your fees will be due by February 28, 2021. If you do not pay in full by March 15, 2021,  you may be removed from the league.

Individual Player Registration-click here

Teams must be registered with USSSA to play in the league.   You can register your team with USSSA on their website: www.usssa.com  

Teams must be registers and a USSSA managers background check must be completed before your team is insured.  Players must be placed on rosters and have parent approval before they are covered by insurance. Any players not on your USSSA roster will not be allowed to play. 

Diamond Council does not have individual sign ups for competitive players.  Players must be currently on a team.  To find teams looking for players you can visit our Bulletin board on this website.

8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 16u & 18u

8u Machine Pitch $900/Team - 12 Games scheduled 10 guaranteed. 
Sign up and pay your $100 deposit prior to Jan. 1 and receive a $100 discount.

9u-14u $1500/Team - 16 Games scheduled 14 guaranteed. 
Sign up and pay your $100 deposit prior to Jan. 1 and receive a $100 discount

Competitive Leagues – Boys league will be combined where needed (example 9u/10u)

If Needed, 9u/10u, 11u/12u, and 13u/14u would be combined.

Managers must register your team, managers, and players on-line.  After you complete the process, your players go on-line and register and select your team.   Managers will be responsible to pay the team league fee.  When your players register on-line, they will not be charged.   However, they must register on-line and pick your team so that they will be on your roster and have access to the team page and schedule.

We plan on playing each age group one night a week and playing doubleheaders those nights.

Teams Committed 

All teams listed below are 100% committed to playing.  We do not include teams that are “interested” in playing or “TBA” teams.  These are the current teams. They are updated daily. 

8U Machine pitch