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Diamond Council Refund Policy

A $15 service fee will be accessed on ALL refund requests.  All requests must be in writing/email (  Any late fees will not be refunded.  Refunds will be issued based on the Registration fees only.

100% refund (minus service fee of $15) given if:
1) Medical emergency/injury, 0 games have been played (doctors note required)
2) Moving out of the Columbia area, 0 games have been played.

50% refund (minus service fee) given if:
Child chooses not to play before the 1st game for any reason other than the above and 0 games have been played.
NO refund if:
Child has played 1 or more game
Season ends with incomplete games
Disclaimer:  Due to weather conditions and field availability we cannot guarantee that a full season will be completed.


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Contact Info

PO Box 576 Columbia, MO 65205

Phone: office: 573.499.9741 / hotline: 573.874.7663

Web: Diamond Council

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