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Any players or teams that play in the Diamond Council are welcomed to post on this page.  This is a bulletin board to help competitive players and teams find each other.  Also, any baseball/softball related stuff will be added if it will help the kids!
13U AA Mavericks 
13U AA Mavericks Competitive Baseball Team looking for 2 competitive baseball players for Spring 2019 to play 54/80 baseball. We will play in a Competitive League plus 6-8 Competitive Tournaments. Players will have access to an indoor facility all winter and spring at the Power Alley. We have pitching mounds and pitching machines indoors all winter every Saturday 6-8. Plus, baseball fields to practice on all season. Not only will we teach your child about baseball but we will also teach him to be young responsible man. My coaching staff has been very successful with a 73 % winning Percentage over a 5 year period. Our teams have won 2 Little League Majors division championships back to back.(2017 & 2018). Also, won 2 District Championships and played in 2 State Championships.(2018 & 2016)  If you want to have a family atmosphere with quality coaching contact Geno Lavely 573-999-9152 or birdsonbat1971@gmail.com.
Player Looking for a team
My daughter is looking for a team.  She has a 2004 birthdate and has played competitive softball since she was 9.  She has mainly played 2nd base although can play all infield positions.  She has played outfield as well and can track the ball very easily.  She has an excellent batting average.  Please contact Jeanne 573-619-7822 or caseexcavating@embarqmail.com

Rockers 18A

We are looking for a PITCHER to finish out our very strong roster. We have a great group of girls from all over Mid-Missouri. Please contact Gene DeVore 573-881-0433 or gdevore38@gmail.com . Come join the Rocker Family!!

18U Diamond Wildcats
The 18U “A” Diamond Wildcats looking for two players, a pitcher and a utility player.  The Diamond Wildcats, based out of Jefferson City, will be a first year 18u “A” team in 2019. The Wildcats will carry a roster of 11 players.
For more information or to setup a tryout contact Coach Hiatte by email DHiatte@Hotmail.com, Phone 573 896-5566, or check our website, http://www.eteamz.com/DiamondWildcats.  The team website has information about plans for the upcoming season along with other information about the Diamond Wildcats.   Coach Hiatte was inducted into the Missouri ASA/USA Hall of Fame in 2014 and has over 30 years experience coaching girls fastpitch softball.

Legacy Roster openings (12u, 10u & 8u)

 Legacy Fastpitch 12u is looking for a few players to finish off their roster.  This team practices all year long and is getting ready to
 start their winter program.  They also have a special guest coach working with them this Winter (top notch college coach).

 Please email legacyfastpitchcomo@gmail.com or text/call Heather 660-238-6055 for more information.

Legacy 10u has one remaining spot for a very special athlete.

This team competed this Fall and had a great season (well, they are playing one last tournament this weekend).

They are holding their remaining roster spot for a special young  athlete who is ready to learn and compete in a fundamentally focused environment.

Coaching teams are both non parent and both former college athletes.

Please email legacyfastpitchcomo@gmail.com or text/call Heather  660-238-6055 for more information.


 Legacy Fastpitch is so happy to announce that we will be fielding an 8u Coach Pitch team!

  Practices starting in November (at our indoor sports facility) for a team that will play in the Spring and Summer!

This team will focus heavily on the fundamentals and ensuring that these young athletes learn the sport correctly right from the start.

Our head coach is a non parent coach with a big heart for teaching young players!

The team will play in 3-4 tournaments but the focus of this age will be heavily centered on teaching.  (They will play in a spring league if we can find a coach pitch league.)

  If you have a player who might be interested, please message or call! No experience in competitive is necessary!!

 We currently have 8 players and are only looking for 2 more.

  If your player knows how to put a glove on and has the desire to learn in a competitive (age appropriate) setting then this is the team for you!

  Please email legacyfastpitchcomo@gmail.com or call/text 660-238-6055

Columbia Prodigy 12u
Columbia Prodigy 12u is looking to add a couple more players to their roster for the Spring of ’19. We are getting ready to start our winter workouts and would like to have a complete roster by then. We will start work outs in November at the Power Alley in Columbia. These workouts are specialized for each position and is included in the team cost as well as uniforms, tournaments, and league play. If you are interested in playing or have any questions please contact us.
Evan Day- 573-881-7580, evanday0397@gmail.com
Ryne Seddon- 314-749-3415, rsseddon@gmail.com
Galaxy Fastpitch 14U 
We are looking for 2 to 3 girls with 2004 or 2005 birthdays to complete our 14U roster. This team will play B level and has several 2nd yr players on the roster. All positions will be considered.
Please contact Taylor Bartlett at 573-268-5533 or tbartlett76@gmail.com to arrange a private tryout.

Fundamentals Sports Academy is honored to host Jenny Topping of GoldMedal Training to our facility Nov 9-11!

Jenny Topping is a 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist, 4 time 1st team,  All-American, 2x Hall of Fame Inductee, NPF Champion,

and a 2x top 9 player in Japan are just a few of her accomplishments. Amongst all of these things she was also a left handed catcher and hitter.

She doesn’t take her coaching on the road often so this is a unique opportunity.

Saturday begins with a Coaches Clinic from 8-9:30


10 am begins Catching and Hitting groups





Last session of the day is a Free Q&A and Autograph signing session for the girls and parents.


She did offer 1 on 1 private sessions but they have already sold out!  She did say she would offer more if we sold out the camps!

Come join us and learn from the absolute best in the game! For questions or registration help please text or call Heather Fowler
@ 660-238-6055

The Mid Mo Fire 12U
The Mid Mo Fire 12U Team is in need of two additional players to finish the roster.  We are looking for dedicated players.  We are playing fall league with 5 to 7 tournaments and spring/summer we will be playing 8 to 12 tournaments with league as well.  Please contact Daniel Patten (573) 418-8611.

The Mid MO Rivercats

The Mid MO Rivercats are looking to fill 3 spots to complete our roster for the Spring 2019.  We plan to be a AA 14U team for the Spring 2019 Season.

We are looking for Middle Infield, Corner Infield, Pitcher, and Catcher.

Please call Matt Speight at 573-489-9610 to arrange a tryout or email mmrivercatsbaseball@gmail.com.

2019 Baseball and Softball Tryouts
V Tool Baseball and Softball Training Academy would like to announce our next tryout date for our 2019 spring, summer, and fall teams.  August 26th, at New Franklin High School we will be having a tryout for all ages in baseball and softball.  Look below for ages and times and to register.
Here are a few of the things you get when you play in the V Tool family.
1.  Indoor and outdoor facilities included in tuition.
2.  The most detailed and skill specific coaching available included in tuition.
3.  A fun, friendly, family atmosphere where we treat the whole entire family as part of our family.

4.  Coaches who will be by your side, encouraging you, fighting for you, and walking you through every step until you decide to hang the cleats up…that is why 100% of our seniors have gone on to play college baseball and softball.  All included in tuition.

BASEBALL                                                                                SOFTBALL
  9-11—12-1:30 pm                                                                  12-18–4:30-6 pm
12-14—1:30-3:00 pm
15-18—3:00-4:30 pm

click here to register

For any questions please call us 417-718-5500 or email us at info@vtoolbaseball.com or you can check us out on Facebook or at our web page at www.vtoolbaseball.com

Capital City Crush 16u
Capital City Crush 16u is looking for two experienced pitchers who would like some mound time and one utility player to help finish up their roster. Please contact Renee Taylor at 573-821-0225.

Fusion 16u

We’re looking for a 16u pitcher who wants some mound time and can help us compete at a high level. Fusion plays league and tournaments primarily in the central Missouri area. We should play solid defense behind the pitcher. Contact Stan Struemph at (573) 619 -0594 or Todd Eichholz at (573) 694-0888.

Legacy 14u

We are looking for one special athlete to finish our 2018/2019 roster. All positions considered except pitchers, we are solid on pitchers and you wouldn’t get much mound time.

Please email legacyfastpitchcomo@gmail.com or call/text 660-238-6055 for more information.

We are looking for a few girls to add to our already strong roster. All positions will be considered. We will play College Showcases, 18A and 18 Open tournaments this year in Columbia, Jefferson City, Rolla, Kansas City and St. Louis. Please contact Gene DeVore at 573-881-0433 or Gene@TrueSonExteriors.com for more information
Mid-Mo Punishers Baseball Tryouts
12U Mid Mo Punishers will be holding tryouts for the 2018-2019 season. We are looking for AA and AAA players for a new competitive team.
Tryouts are August 4th, 10:00am-12:00pm at American Legion Blue Field.
Any questions please call 573-268-0749 or email mark.g.stinson@gmail.com
2019 V Tool Baseball/Softball Tryouts
We would like to invite all players to our tryouts on August 4th at New Franklin High School.  Come be part of the fastest growing family of baseball and softball teams in Central Missouri.  We provide indoor and outdoor facilities, the highest level of skill development, an awesome coaching staff, and a ratio of 2 players to 1 coach for practices.
The age you will tryout for will be the age you will be as of May 1st of 2019.
BASEBALL–Saturday August 4th
9-10:30 am————-9-10 year olds
10:30-12 pm———–11-12 year olds
12-1:30pm————-13-14 year olds
1:30-3 pm————–15-18 year olds
SOFTBALL–Saturday August 4th
3-4:30 pm—————9-12 year olds
4:30-6:30 pm———–13-18 year olds as a side note any player who is involved in high school softball is 100% allowed to tryout.  There are no MSHSAA rules limiting tryouts.
Please click the link below and it will take you to our website and sign up page.  Click tryout and fill out the questionaire.
If you have any questions you can call us at 417-718-5500 or email us at info@vtoolbaseball.com

Missouri Stealth tryouts

Missouri Stealth is seeking a couple talented athletes that will have the opportunity to play against some of the best competition in the Midwest. We have a team environment with girls that want to use softball as a college springboard. We are looking for the following positions:

16A- Watkins: seeking pitch and catcher. Contact Dave Watkins at 573-201-9299 for private tryout.

16B- Trowbridge: seeking pitcher and catcher. Contact Greg Trowbridge at 573-220-5115 for private tryout.
Galaxy seeking to finalize rosters.
Galaxy 04 Elite (14A) is looking for an experienced pitcher. This team will play several showcase events.
Galaxy 04 (14B) is looking for an experienced catcher.
Galaxy 09 (10C) is looking for 4 to 5 players. All positions considered.
Please contact Taylor Bartlett at 573-268-5533 or tbartlett76@gmail.com
18U “A” Diamond Wildcats looking for two players

The Diamond Wildcats Softball team is looking for a pitcher and catcher to complete their 2019 roster.  The Diamond Wildcats, based out of Jefferson City, will be a first year 18u “A” team in 2019. The Wildcats will carry a roster of 11 players. 

For more information or to setup a tryout, Email DHiatte@Hotmail.com, Phone 573 896-5566, or check our website, http://www.eteamz.com/DiamondWildcats

Missouri Stealth 08

Missouri Stealth 08 is looking for an experienced catcher to round out its roster.  

Please call 573-999-2706 or email kerry@businesslawcolumbia.com for a tryout!

Legacy 12u

Legacy is looking for 2 pitchers to finish off our roster(s).  Both
the 07 and 06 teams are looking for one remaining pitcher to complete
their rosters.  Both 06 and 07 birthdays will be entertained for both

Please email legacyfastpitchcomo@gmail.com for a tryout!

Legacy 10u Tryouts

Legacy Fastpitch 10u is looking for 1 maybe 2 athletes to finish off our 2018/2019 roster.

Catching experience would be a plus but the desire to learn would be awesome just the same!
Also 1 slot for a position player available as well!
Message legacyfastpitchcomo@gmail.com or call Coach Cynde (503) 508-1715 to set up a private tryout if interested.
Coaching staff are non parent, former college athletes.

11u Baseball player looking for a team

Competitive ball player. plays catcher and outfield. Been playing spring and summer ball. I decided not to play our team this fall so he’s looking for a team. Thank you for your help!

Justin page
Centralia Thunder
8U Columbia Warriors Tryouts
The 8U Columbia Warriors Baseball Team is looking to add a couple of players to their roster. The team will play league in Jefferson City or Columbia and local tournaments. Our focus is on teaching proper skills/mechanics and creating a strong baseball foundation.
Call Jamie Kennedy if you are interested.

13U AAA Boys Tryouts

The Sliders baseball team is looking for 2-3 players to fill our 13U AAA roster for next year.  We are looking for athletic, coachable kids who love the game and atmosphere.  We are a successful, close knit family team that would like to share our knowledge and love of the game.  If you are interested in a tryout or have more questions you can contact Barry Graskewicz at 660-676-2424.
12U Twisted Fast Pitch Tryouts

New 12u (2007-2008 date of birth) is looking to fill 2 spots on our roster for the 2018-19 fastpitch season.

We are looking for EXPERIENCED and DEDICATED players.  DRIVE and DEDICATION is a must.

We are looking forward to another great season, and would love for you to be part of it.

We currently have our own indoor/outdoor practice facility as well as a practice field.  Therefore, we will be able to train throughout the year.

We are looking to fill a pitching position as well as a utility position.  If you think that you would make a great addition to our team, please contact one of the coaches listed below for tryout information.

Rebecca Tomka @ 573-645-2466 or rebecca.tomka@gmail.com      

Pam Myers @ 573-645-3324 or pamelamyers85@yahoo.com    


Revolution Mid MO 16U softball

The Revolution has an opening for a catcher / utility player. The organization is a very competitive team that won the Hawaiian Hitfest last year and place in most of the 16/18U tournaments. The team practices out of the Wardsville area and has a indoor practice facility.
Players interested can call or text Head Coach Gary Verslues – 573-298-2323 or Mitch Gier 573-690-3473 for tryout

My son played spring league with the 13u Mexico Diablos and is looking for a team for fall baseball. He usually pitches, plays 3rd, or left field. Please call or text me at 573-289-1126 if you need a dedicated player!

2018/19 COLUMBIA ROCKERS Teams – Contact the coaches directly for try out information.

18UA Gene DeVore 573-881-0433 gene@truesonexteriors.com

16u – Looking for coaching staff to start a team.
14u – Alan Bunch – 573-268-7765 alanbunch43@gmail.com
12A – Shane Martin – 573-303-1696 SMartin@vu.com
12U Scott Turner 573-616-9013 turnerjst9@gmail.com andShane Cruzan 573-645-5816 Shanecruzan@gmail.com
12u – James Patrick – 573-982-9413 jamespatrick9413@gmail.comDan Trim, 573-268-9686 tigerpawnshop@gmail.com
Mandy Reynolds, 573-819-6676 mrpob9@yahoo.com
10u – Debbie Jameson – 573-424-9013 djameson1961@gmail.com
Wendy Spratt wsspratt@ccis.edu
Tim Moloney (573-219-2411) moloneytke@aol.com

9u – Looking for a Coach

2018 RATTLERS Teams

18U Rattlers – Gary Ennis 573-489-1118 ennco8847@aol.com
Steve Hirt 573-424-7908 stevehirt12@gmail.com

Missouri Stealth 16Gold/Premier

Missouri Stealth 16Gold/Premier will add 2-3 to our already strong 2018-19 roster. All positions considered, however we do have specific needs. Contact Kevin Ward at 573-257-7775 or MoStealthWard@gmail.com for more information and a private tryout.
Are you looking for a team that makes player development a priority playing in the best regional events? Over half our team budget goes back into preparing our athletes. Looking for dedicated 02s & 03s that want to play in the BIG events against the BEST teams in the Midwest.
Missouri Stealth Ward 16Gold/Premier is the only Stealth 16 team that played a full Gold/Premier Schedule in 2017-18. We will continue that in 2018-19 adding more college on-campus & Championship events.
We have dedicated coaches with relationships that will help players get recruited at the next level. We use college athletes in developing our kids.
We play Elite Select, USA Gold & PGF Premier to prepare our kids to compete at the highest levels. The better the competition, the faster we develop and the more exposure we get. You also get help with recruitment and understanding the process.  We are already registered for the PGF St. Louis Softball Showcase I October 19-21, one of the best college exposure events in the Midwest. It’s already full.
What you can expect…
  1. 12-15 tourneys through the end of July that include college exposure events.
  2. A winter softball strength and conditioning program designed specifically to the athlete and her primary positions.
  3. A winter indoor practice schedule that includes using specialty coaches to help improve fundamentals and hitting mechanics.
  4. Bull pen pitchers that can throw 60+ to our kids getting them ready for the upcoming spring.
  5. A membership with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) that will provide you A DEFINITE ADVANTAGE IN COLLEGE RECRUITING.               All positions considered. We Want “committed” athletes!!
2017-18 Schedule: This year we went to…
  1. Lindenwood College Invite, St. Charles
  2. Westminster College Invite, Fulton
  3. PGF StL Softball Fall Showcase
  4. USA StL Stingers Indoor, StL
  5. Elite Select Griffon Indoor, St. Joe
  6. Elite Select Best of Midwest, JC
  7. Top Gun Spring Invite, KC
  8. USA Softball Invite, KC
  9. StL Hustle City Invite KC
  10. PGF Scenic City Chattanooga, TN‬
  11. PGF Team 1 Championships, KC‬
  12. PGF StL Softball Showcase, StL
  13. Tulsa Elite Wilson Invite, OK
  14. PGF Sparks Invite Showcase, IL
St. Louis Chaos 05 – Abbott Tryouts

St. Louis Chaos 05 – Abbott, based out of central Missouri, is looking to add two or three experienced and talented players to our current roster of 10 going forward. All positions will be considered. 2005 birthdays preferred.  Opportunity is available to practice with us through remainder of season and join our 14A team full time in Fall 2018.

St. Louis Chaos is nationally recognized as one of the top reputable fastpitch softball programs in the Midwest continually putting players into high level programs throughout the country. We will continue to compete in the highest level tournaments throughout Missouri and the Midwest. If your daughter has the drive to be the best please reach out.

Team is based in Central Missouri but is willing to accommodate players outside the immediate area.

Please contact Craig Abbott at 573/680-7526 if interested.

Twisted Fastpitch 12u 

Twisted Fastpitch 12u B  is looking for EXPERIENCED and DEDICATED players to add to the upcoming 2018-2019 season.
*** 2006-2007 Birthdates ***
We have our own indoor practice facility, ballfield, and outdoor practice facility so that we will be able to practice and train indoors and out throughout the year. After a very successful year we are looking forward to the next upcoming season.
To set up a PRIVATE tryout or to answer any questions please contact one of the coaches below.
David Thomas 
James Casteel
Columbia Thunder 12U Baseball
Columbia Thunder 12U baseball is looking for 2 players for the upcoming Fall Season.
Please contact Bill Musick for tryout info
TWISTED FASTPITCH  (14A )  tryouts

Twisted Fastpitch 14A  is looking for EXPERIENCED and DEDICATED players to add to the upcoming 2018-2019 season.
*** 2004-2005 Birthdates ***

ALL Pi ASA/USA Hall of Fame in February of 2014.OSITIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED

We have our own indoor practice facility, ballfield, and outdoor practice facility so that we will be able to practice and train indoors and out throughout the year. After a very successful year we are looking forward to the next upcoming season.
To set up a PRIVATE tryout or to answer any questions please contact one of the coaches below.
Adam Green
(573) 480-6738

Scott Sharp
(573) 291-4264

Matt Smart
(573) 544-5334

Withrow Electric Shockers (currently 10U competitive) baseball team looking to add a player.

We are looking to add one player to our current roster for Spring/Summer 2019 competitive season and possibly for this fall. We are currently a 10U team but come fall and next year we will move up to 11U.  We will play league Double Headers through Diamond Council and in 7-8 weekend tournaments.  We schedule things so there is LIMITED travel and expenses involved!  We are playing in 8 tournaments this year and 7 of them are in Columbia!  We also have year round access to an indoor practice facility with cages, mounds, and a fielding area.  It does not matter what position you play if you are passionate about playing baseball and want to be part of a great team and baseball family with a sponsor that goes above and beyond please contact Steven Sands to set up a personal tryout.  Cell 573-424-7126 or e-mail @ dirtsands@yahoo.com  Please put Shockers Tryout in the memo line.

12U Fast Pitch
Tryouts for Twisted Fastpitch 12U team. Our team is located in Jefferson City,  MO. We are looking for 3 to 4 girls who posses the desire, work ethic and passion to play high level competitive fastpitch softball. We are looking for a few utility players as well as a catcher. Twisted Fastpitch has its own indoor and outdoor practice facility.
Please contact David Thomas @ 573 230 6820 or Dthomas5205@gmail.com for a private tryout.


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